Characteristics of Your Perfect Candle – Intro


Hey Everyone ? its Tu and it is an amazing time to enjoy amazing candles. There are so many characteristics to building and connecting your reality to the Best Candle for you.  You deserve to know!

To get you started in the right direction, I’ve compiled a series of 5 helpful details in segments I like to call Part 1: Size, Part 2: Shape, Part 3: Scent, Part 4: Color and Part 5: Material.  Feel Free to jump to any of these Parts to get a heads up.  Or check out the latest candle reviews.

Note: These Parts may be of service in pieces or as a whole in helping you find the best candles for you. Here are some things to consider when making your candle decision.

1 – Size of Your Perfect CandleAmazon Candle - Antizer Flameless Trio

Let’s begin with (to me) the most obvious characteristic, size. If a candle is too big it can throw your whole decor off balance. If a candle is too small it can get lost in the decor. Location and size go hand in hand. For example, if it is a center piece it may be medium or large like a pillar. However if it is for the night stand or a mantle, it may be medium or small like a votive. So does your life call for a large candle or a small candle?

2 – Shape of Your Perfect Candlemedium-candles-08-12-18-woodbranch-3incAmazon Candle - Flickering Flameless Trio Square

Are you more attracted to a Square candle or Round candle.

3 – Scent of Your Perfect Candle

Ocean Mist
Pillar Butter
Butter Cream

Which scent pleases your nostrils  Scrumptious or Sensuous?


4 – Color of Your Perfect Candle

Are you more interested in Earthy or Bright colors?

5 – Material of Your Perfect CandleAmazon Candle - Yankee French VanillaAmazon Candle - Luminara Flameless Trio

Do you prefer a Flame-less or Wax Candle?

So of the 5 Characteristics what is the Most Important for your Best Candle?

**I can’t wait to hear.  Let me know in the comments below**

And If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to also leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Let’s Keep Going to Part 1 and move on to making that wise Candle Size Decision.

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