Candle Characteristics – Part 3: Don’t Throw Off the Scent

Hey Everyone ?It’s me again, your Friendly Neighborhood Tu at Remember I’m here to pair you up with the best candle for you.

Cocktail Candles Glass

Now that we know the right size and shape for your best candle (please see Part 1 & Part 2 for your size & shape choice), let’s look at what Scents really get you in the zone you want to be in.

There are numerous candle scents. Many of which we associate with a time in our lives that was memorable, a smell that drew us near, or even a soothing moment you like to experience over and over again. Let’s figure out what scents “Float Your Boat”.

A Cocktail Candle Scent

There are actually scents that may give you a slight buzz. Wow! I didn’t realize how popular they were until I started my research. I was amazed to find exotic candle scents like Wine, Pina Colada, and even Amber Lager.

A Bakery Scrumptious Candle Scent

These may give you the feeling of a home cooked delight baking in the kitchen. For that reason some consider scents like butter cream, sugar cookies and caramel pecan the most popular candle scents.

A Sensuous Candle Scent

Often these scents are seductive and often called the “Scent of Love”. It’s said that men are attracted to scents like a vanilla fragrances.  While women tend to lean towards jasmine and lavender.

A Fruity Candle Scent

I always thought this was the go to on the candle scents list. And though the smell of Apple Spice, Passion Fruit, and Lemon Sugar are super popular, fruity scents are also super infinite because there are sooooo many fruits out there.

A Festive Candle Scent

The Holidays often bring out the best of smells. Scents like peppermint, winter frost and roasting chestnuts fill the room during these festive times.

So which of these Scents would you choose for your Best Candle?

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Let’s Keep Going to Part 4 and move on to making that wise Candle Color Decision.

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34 Replies to “Candle Characteristics – Part 3: Don’t Throw Off the Scent”

  1. Sugar cookie always makes the house smell great for the holidays. Other ones like pine or peppermint always makes the house feel a bit more festive. I was wondering if there are candles that are seasonal only, like pumpkin spice, or are all of the cents available year round? Thanks.

  2. This is something that I just discovered or even thought about because of your post.

    I have never been a person who likes scent too much, but it would certainly be worth exploring.

    I can imagine coming home to a pleasing aroma in the house would be nice.

    I live by the beach and like natural smells, what would be fitting for me?

    Would enjoy your thoughts.


    1. Hey Tim, welcome to my candle world.  Come on in, the Water’s fine LOL… I’m such a Beach Bum. The beach provides such airy breezy natural aromas, but my Ocean Breeze Candle gets the most play in coastal areas.  Let me know how you like it.

  3. Best list of candle scents, I have never differentiated these scents, its very interesting that I can find the best scent of my choice out there. I cannot wait to buy  apple spice or passion fruit, for my love of fruits, and specifically apples, this is the best choice for

    Thank you so much 


  4. candles are becoming one of everydays life.  For me it’s really a big deal not until recently I got to know candle can be in different scents and colours.  Depending on the time of the year or the occasion at hand I love the sensational scent candles,  love scent to put it that way for a brief cocktail or for a light dinner.  It make you more intimate and feels sense of aura.  However,  being in the festive mood I would love the fruit and the festive candle scents….. You know what I mean it’s really ecstatic and invoke the spirit of festivity. 

    Well for someone like me I love it when it’s cool all around and not only cool but also with miniaturised scents that takes you to the realms beyond……

    Thank you for this post. 

  5. I have always loved the scents of essential oils but never considered using scented candles to get the same effect. 

    I would choose the best candle as the vanilla one.  I love the smell of vanilla in a room environment.  Maybe male’s find it sensual because it affects us in that way too. Love and marriage….

    The scent that intrigues me the most is the bakery scented one.  I would love to have that aroma when people come for tea. But then again, I would hope that they would not be disappointed when my cooking doesn’t taste quite as good as the wonderful aroma from the candles.

    Looking forward to your post on Candle colour design.

    1. Hey KerryAnn, thanx for the great comment.  I’m with you on the baked scented candles.  But my friends and family have caught on, so now they know even-though the house smells like a freshly baked caramel pecan… they’re getting chips and dip LOL

  6. Tu, 

    Your candles look great! And they way your describe makes me feel as if I can actually smell them, recalling certain fragrance as if I’m walking pass a candle store at the mall. 

    You website provides a ambiance and setting that cradles the images well and makes me want to try them all. 

    How did you come to like candles so much that gave you such inspirations to make them almost jump off the page at me?

    I know certain smells can relax, calm and even excite certain behavior. I read about casinos using smells to comfort and manipulate people that stay and play.

    Is there a particular candle or smell, that works with children or toddlers to calm them or help them get to sleep sooner? My son, is so wild at times, and never wants to sleep, feels like he’s missing something.

    Any suggestions for that? What about a candle to inspire ideas and focus?



    1. Hey Noke, thanx for the compliment on my site.  I love candles.  And I knew I couldn’t be the only one.  So I made this site for all of us in “Candles Anonymous” who are looking for the perfect candle for our unique taste.  I use the Flameless vanilla scented candles for my 4 year old Godson.  I think it calms him. And l think it helps with general focus.

  7. Great post and it amazes me actually.

    Cocktail candles, really? That sounds awesome.

    I bet the smell is so good with it, and you won’t get drunk, how nice is that?

    I’m going to check it out, my wife won’t be so happy since she loves mango and lavender, but for once..

    Thanks for sharing this!

  8. I  enjoyed reading your post, I used to love the fragrance of lighted candles in my home,  now I mainly just have perhaps, one, that gives off the lovely fragrance of pine,  at Christmas.

    Jasmine and lavender, yes, love it, such an attractive blend for females and  I am very interested in why vanilla for males? 

    What brings back a memory more clearly, more vibrant, than that of  the smell of something that triggers the memory of something lost, something forgotten, but then remembered.

    It can be so special.


  9. In my even , i will try the votive candles, i just love the fact that they burn for more hours… this will mean they can burn for the whole night decorating the place. I also love the fact that i have a variety of choices…. So since they are in a variety of choices , to improve the scent as they burn is it OK to use the different varieties at once? 

    1. Hey Nkho, I’m a big fan of mixing and matching to find that perfect scent combination. I sometime mix the Jasmine scents with the Vanilla scents and let the magic happen.  And because the votive candles and pillars have a good burn time, I let them burn all night and blow them out in the morning.

  10. Whooo!!! You have my senses going. Thank you for the awesome post. Candles have a special power that is for sure. They say don’t go shopping hungry. My senses went into overdrive when they started thinking about the nice aromas. My favorite have to be the Vanilla, Jasmine, Lavender, Apple Spice, Passion Fruit , and Lemon Sugar. 

    There is nothing like a good candle. I do not like when I go to the store and buy a candle and it does not smell good. But I love when a company gets it right. 

    I certainly trust you as my go to Candle person. Thanks for the education on Candles. Much for me to learn. 

    1. Hey Ceddy, Glad I could help you out.  There are soooooo many different scented candles.  Most of my Scented Candles come in the scents you listed and the pillars burn up to 60 hours.  So feel free to try them out.

  11. I really liked reading your post, this brought me back to my childhood and right to this present time-we have a couple scented candles in our living room and kitchen. I didn’t know some candles can create a buzz, that’s quite awesome to me actually! Candles are never going out of style in my home, and they can never replace the new scents like febreeze and many others. My favorite one would have to be the fruit scented candles,  specifically the lemon sugar one. I grew up smelling these all the time and even though time has elapsed and other candles are now in the picture, this one can’t be replaced. Thank you for sharing a post that made me think some time back and learning about new gems.

    1. Hey Michael, glad I could be of assistance.  The Lemon Sugar Candle use to be my absolute favorite.  But now I seem to like multiple l scents.  I’m burning a Vanilla now.. but now you have me reminiscing about the Lemon Sugar LOL …I know what I’m burning tomorrow LOL

  12. I love the smell of lavender.  It’s one of the best smells in the world!  It’s so relaxing and seems to always put me in a good mood.  I also like the smell of peppermint, too.  It’s a very stimulating scent that seems to energize me.

    What about a base for these candles?  Do you happen to have any recommendations?

  13. Hi Tu,

    I love the lavender scented candles. It is so relaxing. 

    I’d like to try the sugar cookie scent one day because I love the smell of cookies cooking in the oven.

    Candles are so useful as well in removing bad smells in the kitchen when we cook some food that emits not so good smell.

    Thanks for this valuable information.


    1. Hey Marita, glad to help.  When buying candles we sometime miss all the wonderful characteristics that draw us to them.  Side Note: using them to cover up “fopas” in the kitchen or fish night is “genious” 

  14. Candles are our favorite.  I personally like scents that are a bit fruity while my wife likes scents that are more seasonal.  Just today my wife was talking about how she wishes candles would last a lot longer.  We are a family who in the evening has at least 5 or 6 candles burning and thats every evening.

    I really enjoyed reading your article and some of your scents really intrigue me.


  15. I had no idea about cocktail scented candles, but when I was reading this a very vivid memory of some happy times with friends and family drinking hot rum toddies…  It was cold and snowy outside and the fire was warm. I would definitely burn a ‘hot rum’ candle! I do enjoy baked apple pie too, reminds me of grandmas house.

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