Candle Characteristics – Part 3: Don’t Throw Off the Scent

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Now that we know the right size and shape for your best candle (please see Part 1 & Part 2 for your size & shape choice), let’s look at what Scents really get you in the zone you want to be in.

There are numerous candle scents. Many of which we associate with a time in our life that was memorable, a smell that drew us near, or even a soothing moment you like to experience over and over again. Let’s figure out what scents “Float Your Boat”.

A Cocktail Candle Scent

There are actually scents that may give you a slight buzz. Wow! I didn’t realize how popular they were until I started my research. I was amazed to find exotic candle scents like Wine, Pina Colada, and even Amber Lager.

A Bakery Scrumptious Candle Scent

These may give you the feeling of a home cooked delight baking in the kitchen. For that reason some consider scents like butter cream, sugar cookies and caramel pecan the most popular candle scents.

A Sensuous Candle Scent

Often these scents are seductive and often called the “Scent of Love”. It’s said that men are attracted to scents like a vanilla fragrances.  While women tend to lean towards jasmine and lavender.

A Fruity Candle Scent

I always thought this was the go to on the candle scents list. And though the smell of Apple Spice, Passion Fruit, and Lemon Sugar are super popular, fruity scents are also super infinite because there are sooooo many fruits out there.

A Festive Candle Scent

The Holidays often bring out the best of smells. Scents like peppermint, winter frost and roasting chestnuts fill the room during these festive times.

So which of these Scents would you choose for your Best Candle?

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