Characteristics of Your Perfect Candle – Intro

Hey Everyone ? it is an amazing time to enjoy amazing candles. There are so many characteristics to building and connecting your reality to the Best Candle for you.  You deserve to know!

To get you started in the right direction, I’ve compiled a series of 5 helpful details in segments I like to call Part 1: Size, Part 2: Shape, Part 3: Scent, Part 4: Color and Part 5: Material.  Feel Free to jump to any of these Parts to get a heads up.  Or check out the latest candle reviews.

These Parts may be of service in pieces or as a whole in helping you find the best candles for you. Here are some things to consider when making your candle decision.

1 – Size of Your Perfect CandleAmazon Candle - Antizer Flameless Trio

Let’s begin with (to me) the most obvious characteristic, size. If a candle is too big it can throw your whole decor off balance. If a candle is too small it can get lost in the decor. Location and size go hand in hand. For example, if it is a center piece it may be medium or large like a pillar. However if it is for the night stand or a mantle, it may be medium or small like a votive.

2 – Shape of Your Perfect Candlemedium-candles-08-12-18-woodbranch-3incAmazon Candle - Flickering Flameless Trio Square

Square or Round.

3 – Scent of Your Perfect Candlepillar candlemedium-candle-08-12-18-pillar-ocean-mist

Sensual or Scrumptious.



4 – Color of Your Perfect Candle

Earthy or Bright?

5 – Material of Your Perfect CandleAmazon Candle - Yankee French VanillaAmazon Candle - Luminara Flameless Trio

Flame-less or Wax?

So of the 5 Characteristics what is the Most Important for your Best Candle?

***Let me know in the comments on Part 1***

And If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to also leave them on the comments on Part 1  and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Let’s Keep Going to Part 1 and move on to making that wise Candle Size Decision.

Or Let’s see some Candle Reviews

20 Replies to “Characteristics of Your Perfect Candle – Intro”

  1. What a fun post.

    I must say, for me, a good size would be somewhere in-between, not too tall, not short. I like round candles better than square ones. About the scent, I would like some examples of sensual and scrumptious candles, but I think I’d have to choose sensual. Finally, an earthy colored candle would be my choice.

    But then, I think some of these decisions will greatly depend on the mood you’re in, right? Like, sometimes you crave a certain kind of aroma, while other times you long for a completely different scent.

    I really enjoyed your article!

    1. You are right on point Andrew. Moods change and your candles should reflect that change. I’m still working on the site, but I did add a few items to Part 3: Scent ….next I’ll be adding the pics and links

      Thanx A Billion

  2. I like a large candle that can also be used as décor on a mantle or buffet.
    I would prefer round for sure and my favourite candle scent is caramel so I would say scrumptious!
    Caramel is an earthy colour but I also like a bright candle for décor purposes to add a pop of colour 🙂

    1. Hey Zoe, u Rock! Caramel is one of my Favs. In my parent candle business TPShopping the Caramel Pecan Pillar Candle would always sell out, even thought it was only 4″ high. Imagine if I had in a Super Large 3 wick Center piece caramel candle… OK I’m inspired… About to find one for my site… I’ll keep you posted.

      Thanx Again Zoe,

  3. I’m doing good to use a candle. This is a very well thought out subject however, and give a good amount of information. However, leaving the decision up to the individual taste.

    1. Hey Esther, I thought about really guiding them to the right candle as someone guiding me to the right party. Everyday should be a party. But some days you want a classy dinner party, and other days you want to Party Like a Rock star. Either way I hope my site helps people figure it out.

      Thanx Again 4 the Feedback Esther.
      oh by the way… How do u Feel Today: Classy Dinner Party or Party Like a Rock Start?

  4. I definitely prefer warm earthy colours for my candles, with scents to match. But what are your thoughts on having 3 or 4 different sized candles in an arrangement to make a centre piece or draw your eyes to a corner of a room? Do you think that would work?

    1. Hey There Anthea, I think a size creation is a wonderful thing. I even saw some where they use the candles in an organ like decoration. Tall candles at the end and smaller candles in the middle. So YES I definitely think it will work.

      Thanx A Billion,

  5. Love your site. For me Size, Color & Scent matters. Vanilla & Caramel are my favorite scents. I love candles, I sometimes buy them purely for the look with no intent of lighting. I also love the votive ones because I can add them anywhere.

  6. The most important characteristic for my candle would be the scent first. The scent is what brings the aroma/atmosphere in the room. It sets the room in a mood. Wax preferred…

  7. I think that this is an interesting website and a good idea to do about candles. The pictures are good and there are some comments. Do not forget to do your spell and grammar checks in WordPress , also menus and categories for the candles. I for one am not good at reading lists. I saw a couple of spelling mistakes, i.e “flickering” although I have not read much of your site.

    1. Hey Julie, thank you so much for your input.  I’m scouring my website for typos all the time.  I type so fast and often the fingers don’t even touch the keys LOL.  But I’m always employing family, friends and this community to proofread my words, as I usually see what I want to see when I read it.  I found the Typo you mentioned and wow, how’d I miss that one. Well it appears that the “i” looks like another “L” on the site, not sure why it does that.  I’ll explore the font.  I often use flickering when describing the Flameless candle wicks.   The Flameless Candle Page

      If you have time and you see anything else, let me know.

      Thanks Again,


  8. I really like candles, especially ones that smell great.

    Your guide on picking the right candle for me is right on the mark and makes candles that much more enjoyable.

    Most candles are round so I hadn’t really considered a square one.

    Materials is very important to me as many candles can contain parabens that are not good for you.

    1. This is great feedback Alexander.  My aim is to take people on a brief candle journey.  Looks like we’re starting off pretty well.  I still have quite a ways to go til the site is really on point, but I think we’re going in the right direction.  If you get a chance, check out  Part 3 and let me know what you think before I add the pics.

      Thanx A Billion,


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