Candle Characteristics – Part 5: In a Material World

Hey Everyone ? It’s me again, your Friendly Neighborhood Tu at There are many candles to choose from. But remember I’m here to pair you up with the best candle for you.

I always thought candles were all made of the same bulky wax that I grew up seeing in the old movies with the old dude creeping around and using it as a light. Boy was I misguided.

In an effort to keep you from the dark candle place I was in, I decided to check how candles are made and candle making supplies. I came across 5 basics when it comes to making candles. There’s the soy wax, the paraffin wax, the beeswax, the gel candle and of course the infamous flameless candle. The one for you will really depend on your sense of self. Dramatic but true. Let’s explore.

Paraffin Wax Candles

The solid candles we often see are usually made with a paraffin wax. It’s a harder wax, thus making it more hassle free and it has a good burn life span.

Soy Wax Candles

There are soy wax candles and there are soy wax blend candles, which are a vegetable wax blend from soy wax and palm wax. These candles are more creamy looking often used in jars or other containers.

Gel Candles

There is so much you can do with Gel Candles. Since gel has a clear rubbery texture, it tends to burn twice as long as paraffin. Gel candles are also super easy to make should you choose to really go deep creating the best candle for you.

Beeswax Candles

Standalone candles like candlesticks, and small votive candles are sometimes made from beeswax. Often this material is from local beekeepers who help keep the ecosystem moving. So if you’re into living in a globally safe environment, this may contribute to that.

Flame-less Candles

The safest candles on the block belong to the flameless candles. Get the ambiance of the candle experience without the thought of looking for a match. These are great if you have small pets or children or if you’re just clumsy like me.

So which of these Materials would you choose for your Best Candle?

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****Now lets take all of our choices and see what candles people tend to enjoy and where to find them.***

2 Replies to “Candle Characteristics – Part 5: In a Material World”

  1. Paraffin & Bees Wax Candles are the ones I buy most of the time. I do plan on purchasing some Gel Candles soon, they are usually decorated so pretty.

    1. Hey BJ, Gel Candles are all the rage right now. With so many different designs and scents, the possibilties are endless. Some people like flowers, some like boats and toys, others prefer shapes like squares embedded in the gel. What item or items would you like to see in a gel candle?

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