Candle Characteristics – Part 4: The Colors You Like

Hey Everyone ?It’s me again, your Friendly Neighborhood Tu at There are many candles to choose from. But remember I’m here to pair you up with the best candle for you.

When it comes to decor, normally we go by sight and what pleases the eye. Candle color can make or break an ideal situation. Let’s look at what colors help sooth your reality or complete your vision. With Natural Earth Tones, Basic Whites, Deep Rich Colors, Rainbow Brights, and Shiny Things, depending on the use of these candles, you can find your ultimate “decor paradise”. Let’s look at a few of the astonishing candle color choices.

Natural Earth Tone Candles

Pillar Nordic Orange
Square Infused

Earth tone candles tend to be very versatile and blend in with almost everything. From a blue ocean mist or green citrus to a brown almond biscotti color, they range in many ways.

Basic White Candles


When in doubt a basic white candle can cut thru all the “red tape” and get you straight to the point. This color or lack thereof is like that classic white shirt women wear to make sure we know who’s in charge without saying a word. OK maybe that’s just me.

Deep Rich Color Candles

Round Pillar

With deep purples, ruby reds, emerald greens, and violet blues, the deep rich color candles are considered the passion candles. These bold candle colors are for the truly fierce atmosphere of decor. Don’t tread lightly.

Rainbow Bright Color Candles

LED Lytes Multicolor Flameless

We all know the colors of the rainbow with all the brightness of a smile and the variance of statistics. There are so many ways to blend colors together to make new colors or break down colors to the basic 3: Red, Yellow, and Blue Either way you may need a pair a nice sun glasses to enjoy the brightness.

Shiny Candles

Shiny Ball

As with Scents, the Holidays, Special Occasions and Annual Events tend to bring out the spectacular in us. We want our decor to be seen and admired; sometimes with a subtle Bling Shiny Candle and other times with a massive center piece.

So which of these Colors would you choose for your Best Candle?

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20 Replies to “Candle Characteristics – Part 4: The Colors You Like”

  1. Hi Tu

    I really like your site!  Candles can be very peaceful…and your site comes across that way.

    I find I have a variety of favorite colours…just depends on the occasion and mood! I guess, overall, I prefer pastel ones.

    I was wondering if you had any advice on how to prevent accidents…especially fires?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hey Dave, there are a lot of us who love candles, but hate the thought of accidents causing burns or fires.  I recommend keeping it safe and simple by using the Flameless Candles, some even have scents like regular wax candles.  Have you ever tried them?

  2. I personally would go with earth candles. I’ve tried the deep rich color ones and the scent they give off tends to be too strong and gives me sinus problems. But something about candles for me is irresistible. For me i know i’ve spent hours at a time just staring at the flame of a candle whilst my mind goes off on its own journey. 

    Do you have any suggestions for the deep rich candles, preferable without the scent? My girlfriend loves them and I want to get her one for her birthday next month but I don’t want to make the mistake again of getting one that makes me almost suffocate haha. 

    P.S. I love how your article skips the bs and gets straight to the point 🙂

  3. Hey TP! How are you doing? I really enjoyed reading this blog post on “Candle Characteristics” and I liked it because it’s informative. I think most of us own white candles as it’s available in most of the stores but a few weeks back, I was lucky enough to purchase Rainbow Colored Candles. Just light one up and turn off the lights and you’ll find that it’s really sooooo beautiful. This is just amazing!!!

    Thanks a lot for taking your time in writing this blog TP. Well done!!!

  4. Great post and good info!

    Personally, I love the rainbow candles.

    I’m a colorful person, so these lights are perfect for my character, to have a bit of shine in the life.

    I will check them out, many thanks for sharing it!

    I don’t know if my wife will love it, but I will try to convince her.

    Hopefully it works!

  5. Hello Tu!

    Oooh!! I am sooo glad I found your site! I LOVE candles and I have been using a lot of them lately… I use them for all sorts of things, especially for prayers and meditation. 

    I do have a question for you… I usually only buy and use organic white candles because I do not want to breathe the fumes of any burning artificial colouring. Do you have any experience with that? With the health aspect of breathing this type of fumes? Do you know of healthy coloured candles?

    Thank you!


    1. Hey Nat, it is so true about the fumes from inauthentic candles.  But most candles made from beeswax are more friendly to the environment (colored or not).  Check out the Material of a Candle . It is essential in making the right candle choice.

  6. My partner loves candles, and I frequently buy them as an inexpensive gift for her, so thank you for introducing me to so many varieties I was unaware of today. 

    Personally, I really like the plain white candles with the wide base – they have that traditional feel to them and also that religious church feel to them (the Vanilla variety in your article). Where would be the cheapest place online to find these types of candle?

  7. This is the perfect time to use color candles, because the days are shorter and the Christmas is just around the corner. I like the earth tone candle. I have a question, are they made with natural essential oils?

    I think that they are perfect for presents and for this time of the year they are the best solution.

  8. I was fascinated and attracted by how you have created a way to guide us when choosing candles for ourselves and for whatever purpose we might have in mind. I believe you have opened up a subject which I would never have given much thought to previously. We mainly buy them when its nearly Christmas Season. I now anticipate I will have more satisfaction and pleasure when attempting to buy candles in the future using all the guidance and considerations you have outlined in your website. I can sense that you have a passion for sharing this subject and making it more enjoyable for others.

    1. Awwww Alan, that’s exactly what I was hoping to do… Open up the Candle Experience to more than just the Holidays.  Candles have so many useful purposes and I’m glad you came on my Candle Journey.  You can start with any of theses Delightful Candles and let me know which one is going to start your new candle adventure

  9. I absolutely love the earth toned candles and i can’t wait to show them off. Do they come in a range of aromas or do they have aromas at all? It will nice if they do because that is the basic reason why i patronize candles, for the sweet aroma they dispenses. The rainbow bright colored candles seems interesting as well an i hope to get them some day. Thanks Tu

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