Candle Characteristics – Part 4: The Colors You Like

Hey Everyone 😃It’s me again, your Friendly Neighborhood Tu at There are many candles to choose from. But remember I’m here to pair you up with the best candle for you.

When it comes to decor, normally we go by sight and what pleases the eye. Candle color can make or break an ideal situation. Let’s look at what colors help sooth your reality or complete your vision. With Natural Earth Tones, Basic Whites, Deep Rich Colors, Rainbow Brights, and Shiny Things, depending on the use of these candles, you can find your ultimate “decor paradise”. Let’s look at a few of the astonishing candle color choices.

Natural Earth Tone Candles

Earth tone candles tend to be very versatile and blend in with almost everything. From a blue ocean mist or green citrus to a brown almond biscotti color, they range in many ways.

Basic White Candles

When in doubt a basic white candle can cut thru all the “red tape” and get you straight to the point. This color or lack thereof is like that classic white shirt women wear to make sure we know who’s in charge without saying a word. OK maybe that’s just me.

Deep Rich Color Candles

With deep purples, ruby reds, emerald greens, and violet blues, the deep rich color candles are considered the passion candles. These bold candle colors are for the truly fierce atmosphere of decor. Don’t tread lightly.

Rainbow Bright Color Candles

We all know the colors of the rainbow with all the brightness of a smile and the variance of statistics. There are so many ways to blend colors together to make new colors or break down colors to the basic 3: Red, Yellow, and Blue Either way you may need a pair a nice sun glasses to enjoy the brightness.

Shiny Candles

As with Scents, the Holidays, Special Occasions and Annual Events tend to bring out the spectacular in us. We want our decor to be seen and admired; sometimes with a subtle Bling Shiny Candle and other times with a massive center piece.

So which of these Colors would you choose for your Best Candle?

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