Candle Characteristics – Part 1: Size Does Matter

Hey Everyone ? It’s me again, your Friendly Neighborhood Tu at Remember I’m here to pair you up with the best candle for you. When you hear people say “size doesn’t matter” they are obviously Not talking about candles.

square candles
Flameless – Rose Gold Candle Trio

The first thing we need to consider is size. The Fact is when it comes to home decor, DYI projects, party decorations, event venues, office environments and overall space, Size Does Matter. Where is this candle going to be comfy and give its maximum benefit?

Here are some things to consider when making your candle size decision.

Extra Small Candles                               tiny candles

  • Tiny Tealight
  • Store As a DYI Wax Glue
  • Night Light, Lasting 6 hours or less

Small Candles                                         small votive candles

Medium Candles                                   Medium candles

Large Candles                                          Large Candles

Extra Large Candles   

So of the 5 Sizes which would you Choose for your Best Candle?

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Let’s Keep Going to Part 2 and move on to making that wise Candle Decision.

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21 Replies to “Candle Characteristics – Part 1: Size Does Matter”

  1. Hey there 😉 

    This is very cool and helpful article, great job! It was very interesting learning about diffirent candles, their unique characteristics and purpouses as well as the meaning of each size (and yes, I am talking about the candles 😀 ). I think I would go with Extra Large Candles, because they look very elegant and classy while creating this luxurious atmosphere. Keep up the good work!

    1. LOL I was sooooo there with you.  learning about candles and the multiple purposes and reasoning behind each characteristic was fascinating…. again I had to share.  I’ve been to a few events with the Extra Large Candles and they make everything look so elegant.  I always wonder why more people don’t use them.  I know I will at my next classy gathering.  

  2. The medium and large sized candles are definitely the ones I like the most.

    I think candles as a centerpeice adds a nice soft touch to the decor and I love the little flicker of light the candle provides. I don’t ever seem to need tealights – except in October for my Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns 🙂

    Any tips on candle safety? I have opted against any and all candles in the house since I have a toddler running and climbing everywhere!

    Cute post, thanks for shaing!

    1. Hey Becky…. the toddlers have been a major determining factor for a lot of households.  Most opt for the infamous Flameless Candle.  Same great ambiance and sometimes even the wax and the scent of a typical candle, without the mess or potential danger. Let me know which one catches your eye.

  3. Well, it seems size does matter afterall… Well from a candle point of view anyway lol.

    However, even as a male, I must admit that some candles have amazing aromas, especially the Yankee candle range. There are SO many scents, it’s crazy!

    My mom loves displaying a variety of scented candles in all different sizez around the home and even lights the tiny tealight candles in the lounge to create a relaxed ambience – which is probaly why I’ve come to like candles.

    But I can see where size plays an important role because obviously, the candles need to fit in well and/or stand out where they’re positioned.

    Personally, I would choose the tealight or small candles because they remind me of church, where I light candles for my grandparents at Christmas time.


    1. You are sooooo right Neil.  The tealight candles are convenient and useful.  For the longest time I used tealight candles in my oil warmers to warm the oil for scent.  But low and behold scented tealight candles have a variety of scents too.  So you can enjoy your tealights and the comfort of moms scented candles all in one.  Let me know your favorite scent.

  4. What I definitely like the most are Large candles, 5-inch High Ball Size. I think that it can be a great gift for birthday but also it can serve for some romantic purposes. I am wondering how long they last? I think that my girlfriend will be excited to see those ones.

    1. I remember when I got my first candle gift from my guy years ago.  He knew I liked candles, but the styles and scents were sooooo limited.  But now you’re in a much better place.  With the Fabulous Scented Highball Candleswe have now, she’s sure to smile ear to ear.  Let me know which scents grab your eye.

  5. Thanks for this super interesting post! I had never really researched much into the differences between individual candles before, so thanks for providing the information in a concise and readable way! 

    I think the best candles of these are the medium candles; large candles are too expensive to buy regularly and small candles seem a little too dangerous for me (with the flame having so little protection). Is this the case or am I exaggerating the danger of extra small candles?

    1. Hey Danny, thanx for liking my site. Its amazing what I learned about candles, so I had to share it.  You’re not exaggerating on the dangers of small flammable things around the house, especially if you have kids.  Some opt for the Flameless Candles to capture the look and feel of a candle without the potential danger.  Let me know if these Flameless Candles ease your fears a bit.

  6. Hello Tu, great review on candle sizes. Normally, I would use candle for a very special occasion like treat my lady to a nice bubble bath with lid candles. Medium candles are the ones I usually use. Also, if I feel like having some peace to myself, I would sit on the porch, and some reading with some large candles lit while reading. You have also given me some good ideas about how I will plan my future wedding. Some extra large candles would be perfect for the occasion. Thanks a lot, and continue to do what you do!!!

  7. i like the small ones. I bought 30 of them to set up a evening BBQ party just outside the park. It creates a great atmosphere for my friends and family. They can last for several hours. I wish there is aromatic type ones too. I keep the large one as emergency in case my home power experienced black outs.

  8. I like the medium candles, they look like the perfect size that would blend in any surrounding. I sometimes light a lavender scented candle when I cannot go to sleep at night, it has a very relaxing effect. Do you prefer a particular scent? I also like vanilla, that smell is very calming as well.

    1. I’m a major vanilla girl most of the time.  I’m also like you and I like to light a candle at night.   I usually light a tealight candle though.  I like the flickering vacation feel til I fall asleep.  I have been exploring a few new scents though, like Caramel and Buttercream.  I know you like lavender, soothing, but have you had a chance to try other scents? 

  9. i would choose the Large candles because we have fairly regular power outages and therefore would require a long lasting candle and it wouldn’t hurt if it had a nice smell!. This post actually reminds me of one of those times we had a blackout and we lit a candle. It was the fastest burning candle I had ever seen in my life.

    It was in a pack with other “normal” candles but this one was on a mission to burn as brightly and quickly as it could. I even said (with a serious look on my face) “The brighter they shine, the faster they burn out” ( I probably heard that in a movie somewhere!)

    Great post It brought back some fun memories. 

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